Saturday, May 29, 2010

Inspirational Art -Aladdin

These are the story beats for Aladdin. the very first time painting ice. It's a tough job... Not there yet and hopefully I can get even better at it. I think the toughest job in this project would b painting the beat boards. Especially the ice cave scene and the market scene. Feel like banging my head on the wall everytime I paint them. Luckily it turn out pretty well. pheww....

Inspirational Art -Aladdin

Insipired by Art Nouveau period, I designed Genie Lamp to have that Art Nouveau style.

Inspirational Art -Aladdin

Inspirational is very fun class. I get to choose a story and developed to make it my own version. I chose Aladdin since it's the only story i'm familiar with. the workload for this class is a lot because you have to keep revising your stuffs before you get to digitalized them. I have to designs the characters, beat boards, props, environments. Lots of thumbnails and silhouettes to be done, and color studies too.

For my version of Aladdin, I wanted it to be like a fantasy, still taking place in Arab. for the clothings, I used references from Arabian costume, Korean, with Art Nouvea kind of feeling.

Below are the finalized presentation for the Character Designs. Again I wanted to try with Enrique Fernandez style. I just love his stuff.

Animal Drawing class

These images are for Advanced Animal Drawing class. the very final project, I have to create 3 illustrations of any kind of animals. medium used is color pencils. exploring more with color pencils.

Chidlren Book- Ugly Duckling

Again another duck. What a duck lover I am. These are projects from Children Book class. Very tough class. Long process for each assignment, have to do thumbnails for the whole story, then choose a single and spread for value studies, color studies, then final. Imagine that... but it is also a good practice.

Btw, these are done in color pencils. WEWWWW... first time rendering stuffs in color pencil...I am rather satisfied with the outcome.

another Illustration 2 project whereby i have to choose an animal render it realisticly and make a cartoony character out of it. In the mean time, the watercolor pieces are not available. I will upload them as soon as I get hem back. for the mean time, these are part of the assignments, using pen as the medium.

Xmas Carol

This is a project from Illustration 2. medium used is watercolor. very fun but very hard...In this project I was supposed to do a shopping bag for certain products. I chose seasonal shopping bag. However, it suit more to be a greeting card rather than a shopping bag.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Thumbelina-Advanced Perspective

Over here we have Thumbelina for advanced perspective final project. I was inspired by Enrique Fernandez and was trying to mimic his style, and apply it to this project.


This is the final project for Color and Design. A Mandala. I love seasons and I decided to do a season Mandala that kind of looks like clock.

Mood Studies

This is the final piece of Color and Design Project learning about warm and cool. We have to create a scene of whatever story we create and made cool and warm studies of it. I chose the warmer studies as it gives a better mood to the piece.

PS. Some of the images may look bad when they are enlarged due to my camera. Still cannot figure out what went wrong. I will try to take a better picture of my art pieces in the future.

First Time

Hi, everyone. I had finally made an art blog. Used to have a blog for different purpose, but now, it will be mainly for my art.

I will try to upload as many as I can in the future, but for the time being, these are what you will see. Do enjoy.

All images are properties and copyrighted by William Kurniawan.