Tuesday, December 21, 2010


this pinocchio is a project for Senior Portfolio class. my story concentrates on Pinocchio having learn to love his toys. Here are some development and finished pages.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Boy who Cried Wolf

It's been a long time since my last post. This post is my 3rd week assignments from adv. perspective class.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Adv. Perspective assignment

These are week 2 advanced perspective assignments. Instead of doing the given theme, I did something else for the class to build up my portfolio. As a practice in addition, I am doing classic fairy tales children story. This time I am doing Steadfast Tin Soldier.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Inspirational Art -Aladdin

These are the story beats for Aladdin. the very first time painting ice. It's a tough job... Not there yet and hopefully I can get even better at it. I think the toughest job in this project would b painting the beat boards. Especially the ice cave scene and the market scene. Feel like banging my head on the wall everytime I paint them. Luckily it turn out pretty well. pheww....

Inspirational Art -Aladdin

Insipired by Art Nouveau period, I designed Genie Lamp to have that Art Nouveau style.

Inspirational Art -Aladdin

Inspirational is very fun class. I get to choose a story and developed to make it my own version. I chose Aladdin since it's the only story i'm familiar with. the workload for this class is a lot because you have to keep revising your stuffs before you get to digitalized them. I have to designs the characters, beat boards, props, environments. Lots of thumbnails and silhouettes to be done, and color studies too.

For my version of Aladdin, I wanted it to be like a fantasy, still taking place in Arab. for the clothings, I used references from Arabian costume, Korean, with Art Nouvea kind of feeling.

Below are the finalized presentation for the Character Designs. Again I wanted to try with Enrique Fernandez style. I just love his stuff.

Animal Drawing class

These images are for Advanced Animal Drawing class. the very final project, I have to create 3 illustrations of any kind of animals. medium used is color pencils. exploring more with color pencils.

Chidlren Book- Ugly Duckling

Again another duck. What a duck lover I am. These are projects from Children Book class. Very tough class. Long process for each assignment, have to do thumbnails for the whole story, then choose a single and spread for value studies, color studies, then final. Imagine that... but it is also a good practice.

Btw, these are done in color pencils. WEWWWW... first time rendering stuffs in color pencil...I am rather satisfied with the outcome.

another Illustration 2 project whereby i have to choose an animal render it realisticly and make a cartoony character out of it. In the mean time, the watercolor pieces are not available. I will upload them as soon as I get hem back. for the mean time, these are part of the assignments, using pen as the medium.

Xmas Carol

This is a project from Illustration 2. medium used is watercolor. very fun but very hard...In this project I was supposed to do a shopping bag for certain products. I chose seasonal shopping bag. However, it suit more to be a greeting card rather than a shopping bag.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Thumbelina-Advanced Perspective

Over here we have Thumbelina for advanced perspective final project. I was inspired by Enrique Fernandez and was trying to mimic his style, and apply it to this project.


This is the final project for Color and Design. A Mandala. I love seasons and I decided to do a season Mandala that kind of looks like clock.

Mood Studies

This is the final piece of Color and Design Project learning about warm and cool. We have to create a scene of whatever story we create and made cool and warm studies of it. I chose the warmer studies as it gives a better mood to the piece.

PS. Some of the images may look bad when they are enlarged due to my camera. Still cannot figure out what went wrong. I will try to take a better picture of my art pieces in the future.

First Time

Hi, everyone. I had finally made an art blog. Used to have a blog for different purpose, but now, it will be mainly for my art.

I will try to upload as many as I can in the future, but for the time being, these are what you will see. Do enjoy.

All images are properties and copyrighted by William Kurniawan.